Help support my PhD…

I\’m just about to start the second year of my PhD at Trinity. I\’ve made good progress during the first year, uncovering some fascinating material (including several \’lost\’ films) and working well towards my goal. I met with my supervisor a couple of weeks ago and there\’s some slight revision of the project to come to manage it within the confines of the PhD, but I\’ve already decided on the post-doc project thanks to the material I\’ve uncovered (there\’s probably enough gathered for two PhDs to be honest).
But, self-funding is a struggle. Its over £3,500 per year in fees, plus my research expenses (travel, and materials -bear in mind I live in Belfast, and the research is mostly in Dublin and London), and then I have to live. Increasingly I\’m having to take on more paid work in order to get by, and that eats into the time I have to reasearch. I\’ve put myself through my BA and my Masters, and the first year of the PhD, but the various loans, and debts I\’ve juggled are getting too much.
If you have any advice on funding sources, or would be willing to help (however small that may be) either through donations or sponsorship then please do. I\’ve set up a fundraising page on the advice of a friend to see if I can raise $1000 or more in the next few weeks – which doesn\’t go near paying for everything, but will help. Especially if I can get more.
For details go to (you can also donate directly using the donate button on the right).

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Professional Nostalgist: writer, publisher, broadcaster, archivist, former-librarian, film historian, teacher, editor, film-maker, photographer, artist.

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