Cash and the new year

End of 2009 is now fast approaching so its worthwhile me updating you all on the cash crisis – which needless to say continues.
I\’ve managed to eventually find one funding application I should be able to apply for, but its a tough competition and I have absolutely no faith that I\’ll secure the finances needed. And if I do, there\’s a good chance that that will cause more problems for me in terms of my other employment. I\’ll cross that bridge *if* I come to it.
As I\’m still juggling finances I\’ve had to cut back on some of the research work I wanted to do. There\’s still a few collections out there and archives I need to raid, which I hope to do between now and September 2010. Then with maybe one or two additions I plan on simply writing and finishing my draft thesis for the 2010/11 academic year. Unless of course I stumble upon a new archive collection or something…
My attempt to raise funds via fundable was a mixed success. I had quite a bit pledged, but as I didn\’t reach the target it was never processed. Although one of my pledgers did very kindly donate via paypal directly  – money which was swiftly used on some vital digging.
If you do feel like donating, there\’s a paypal donate button on this page, and everything is welcome. I\’ll keep to my promise of copies of the thesis for big donors, and regular updates for anyone that gives to the fund.
I\’ve a pile of paperwork culled from my last research jaunt to London to go through over Christmas – some of it very juicy, and fascinating. Fingers crossed I can make sense of the partial records.