The Exclusive Films Book

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What’s It About?

Exclusive Films is the sister company of the world-famous Hammer Films – a British company best known for their cycle of gothic horror films.

Exclusive was formed in 1935 as a film distribution company by Will Hammer and Enrique Carreras, and continued to operate until 1966. During that time they branched out to include film production, with duties often shared between Hammer and Exclusive.

While the activities of Hammer Films have been thoroughly documented in scores of books, magazines and documentaries, no similar attempt has ever been made to examine the films released under the Exclusive name. Until now.

What’s In It?

The Exclusive Films Book contains a comprehensive catalogue of every film Exclusive produced or distributed, alongside a history of the company. Presented as a chronological filmography, with production credits and commentary where possible.

Fully illustrated, including many rare images from the author’s own collection.

Who is the Author?

Robert JE Simpson holds a BA and MA in Film Studies from Queen’s University Belfast. He is a former archivist for Hammer, and has contributed to various magazines, books, BluRays, documentaries and regularly broadcasts on BBC Radio. 

When will it be published?

At time of writing (August 2021) it is hoped that the book will be ready by the end of the calendar year. As it nears completion, details will be posted on the blog and pre-orders will open.